Landowner and Hunt Lease Liability


How much does woodland liability insurance cost?

The annual premiums start at $170/year for up to 535 acres. Additional acres cost $ .29/acre.

What is the value of the woodland liability coverage?

You are covered for $1,000,000 each occurrence, or $2,000,000 aggregate/year. There is no deductible.

What liabilities does the insurance cover?

The coverage is designed for the most common legal liability issues a woodland owner may encounter. This includes a person injured on your land, or something you might do by mistake such as felling a tree across a boundary line and damaging a neighbor’s property. Hunting accidents are covered, providing you did not receive payment. If you receive payment for hunting, the Hunting Lease Liability Insurance (see below) is recommended, because receiving money may compromise the landowner liability limitations in your state.

Do I have to be a NWOA member to buy this insurance?

Yes, you must be a current NWOA member to qualify for our low-cost liability insurance. If you are a member of a state landowner association affiliated with NWOA, you must also join as a national member of NWOA for this benefit.

When does my insurance take effect?

There are four open season dates a year when NWOA members can purchase insurance: January. 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. If coverage is needed immediately, your policy will renew one year from the preceding open season date. The insurance takes effect two weeks after we process your application.

Can multiple tracts be included on one policy?

Yes. You may cover several tracts under one policy provided they are each deeded under the same exact landowner or group of owners. The tracts do not have to be contiguous. Many people list several tracts and still stay within the minimum cost of $170/year.

My land is in a limited liability corporation (LLC).

does that protect me from lawsuits? No, but it probably limits your loss to the value of your land and timber. Anyone has the right to sue to correct a perceived wrong or an injury. As a landowner, it is your responsibility to protect your assets.

If I am sued, should I hire a lawyer even if I believe the suit is without merit?

If you are covered by the NWOA policy, our insurance company will provide a lawyer skilled in liability law to represent you.

Why do I need hunting lease liability insurance?

This policy is designed for paid hunting leases. It protects the hunt club from liabilities the hunters may cause. (i.e. wrongful death, falling from a tree stand, campfire). The landowner may also purchase this protection via the “additional insured” rider for $26 per landowner.

Does the hunt club need to be a NWOA member to purchase hunt club liability insurance?

Yes. A hunt club or at least one member of the hunt club must hold a NWOA membership to qualify for Hunt Club Liability Insurance.

How much is hunting lease liability insurance alone?

The annual premium starts at $195/year for up to 1250 acres. Additional acres cost $.19/acre.

Can I combine woodland liability insurance and hunting lease insurance?

Yes. A combined Woodland and Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Policy is available.

How much is the combined woodland liability and hunting lease liability insurance?

The annual premium starts at $225/year for up to 535 acres. Additional acres cost $.43/acre.

Can I get a copy of the policy?

The insurance is a group policy under NWOA. You will receive a Certificate of Insurance to certify you are covered within specified dates and the amount covered.

Who is the insurance company and underwriters for this liability insurance?

Outdoor Underwriters, Inc. developed and services this insurance. It is backed by certain Underwriters at Lloyds of London.

Questions on insurance?

For questions concerning applications call NWOA at 703-255-2700.

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