Welcome to National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA)

Headquartered in Washington DC with 42 affiliated state landowner associations, we are the largest family woodland owner association in America, representing 11 million family woodland owners who own and manage half of all forested landscapes in America.

Through educational publications, networking, and policy engagement, NWOA keeps America’s family forest landowners viable and able to independently manage their woodlands according to their needs and goals. With well over half of all forested landscapes in the U.S. owned by private citizens, our NWOA mission is a big one!



The mission of the National Woodland Owners Association is to use unbiased, research-based, objective and factual information to inform, educate and advocate for woodland owners, forest managers, natural resource agencies, media professionals, cooperating organizations, the general public, and policy makers to ensure a sustainable managed forest resource in the United States. Achieving together what we could not do alone.

Our staff and 16-member Board, are passionate woodland owners, foresters and advocates dedicated to the health, maintenance and sustainability of all natural resources, especially those of America’s family forestlands. See the full list of our Current Board of Directors and Staff.

Responsive to the priorities of family forest landowners through the Top Ten Family Forestry Issues. Our members and partners tell us which issues are of the greatest concern to our stakeholders at the local level. We then respond to those prioritized issues.

Communications with our members and stakeholders include several publications . These include the quarter magazine, National Woodlands. Our members also have the option to receive the Wednesday Woodland Word  e-newsletter. Readers stay on top of the latest science on sustainable management, policy, economics, and forest health. Sponsors receive need-to-know alerts by email with late breaking news and events. An online calender is maintained with a nationwide list of forest landowner events.

Your support is needed. When you support National Woodland Owners Association, either as a member, magazine subscriber, insurance customer, Affiliate, partner organization or annual sponsor, you will help private woodland owners and managers sustain America’s forestland for coming generations. Learn more about the many options available.