WV WOW Weekend Workshop-West Virginia

At this workshop you will:

• Walk in the woods with other women woodland owners to identify common trees

• Explore ways to make a woodland more attractive to wildlife

• Learn about chainsaw maintenance

• Learn about resources available to help you nurture your land

• Discover forest ecology and the complexities of managing forests

• Find out how to estimate the value of your woodland for wildlife or timber

• Take a trip to watch wildlife in their native habitats

Register at: https://wvforestry.com/landowner-assitance under the Women Owning Woodlands heading.

Questions: contact Barb or Amy at wvwomenowningwoodlands@gmail.com or call Barb at (304) 934-6777

WEBINAR: Forest Management from a Landowner’s Perspective

Women Owning Woodlands is offering a webinar, Forest Management from a Landowner’s Perspective, in which Bet Smith and her husband Patrick will speak about how they came to own and steward their woodland and will share lessons learned from working with different foresters. It promises to be a fun and informative webinar! While the info presented will be insightful for any of us who engage professionally with landowners, it will also be a great opportunity for women woodland owners to hear from Bet, who is an inspirational forest steward. Get details and register here: http://www.womenowningwoodlands.net/event/forest-management-landowners-perspective-webinar